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optics & motion

Agent Representative

Optics & Motion is a sales representative of manufacturers in the areas of motion components, motion systems, electronics, optics and opto mechanical systems.


We have a large range of products ranging from micro motors to large linear motors and from optics in the UV to IR optics.

We provide solutions ranging from simple applications to challenging custom-made engineering applications.


Together with our partners we can support customers on applications ranging from mechanical design to sophisticated servo systems, down to the range of nano level and pico level motion.

We were established to serve the growing need in the high-tech industry in Israel.


We are specialized in meeting the needs of Israeli firms that require precision motion control components and systems, as well as optical and opto-mechanical systems.

We have built a base of the world's leading firms that supply the Israel market and pride ourselves on excellent service, as well as a tradition of listening and responding quickly but accurately to our client's needs.

We pride ourselves on the very high level of service and professionalism we give our clients.

We believe that our work should be a win/win and will assist you during the R&D stage and then will help to keep the logistic channel in excellent working condition in the production stage with the help of our highly experienced administration team.

Our main goal is customer satisfaction.

The right product for the right project at the correct timing.

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